My husband and I come to Bandera a few times a year and this is one of our favorite places for a cold drink and some good food. Chloe (one of the bartenders) is super knowledgeable about mixing drinks and can make you a dang good shot with a smile! Misty (another bartender) can also mix some good drinks and also gives you service with a smile! Alex (sorry we didn't make it to last call) is one of the hardest workers in town!! And Alicia can cook you up some amazing food!! I'm going to need some more of those fried pickles when we come back to town!! We will definitely be back soon!!!

Melissa J.


This used to be The Chickn Coop, one of our favorite places in Bandera. New owners, new menu..never know. We tried it anyway, and Ya'll! The best Chilton's outside of West Texas, and the food is great. Try the Spinach Chicken Nachos. Oh, and have a drink.. maybe 3! Chloe was the best bartender, outgoing and friendly.
Did I mention, y'all need to try them out?

Janis D.


Wow! This place was so much fun! The staff were really nice. They keep the building clean and come by and pre bus your table often. The bathroom was really clean. I ordered beef nachos and ended up with a beef quesadilla and chips with queso. I'm not sure if my guy told the waitress the wrong thing or she put in the wrong thing. Either way, the food was amazing!!! They had a live band that was pretty good. They played country all night. I enjoyed this place and would go back! Thanks guys.

Kayetta C.